Norman Stunt is retired from full time work and is hoping that this blog will be a new adventure. He will be from time to time describing his activities, thoughts, and the world around and beyond the bird table in his garden in words and pictures. He has no fixed agenda, subject or topic but hopes to entertain.

Hailing from Essex, he re-located to the North East of England when the company he worked for at the time had to give up their factory in East Anglia and moved to Skelton in East Cleveland. He has led a hotch-potch working life in local government, civil engineering, the licensed trade, manufacturing and the NHS.

He is, what used to be called euphemistically, a confirmed bachelor but shares his home with a housemate and a cat. He has a small bungalow with a small garden sloping down to a small wooded beck. He enjoys reading, likes to broadcast live pictures from his garden bird table over the internet (see tab The Bird Table), take walks and has an interest in photography. Oh, and he likes brandy butter on Christmas pudding!

20171028_142128 (2)



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Norman, long time no see my friend, how are you? You enjoying your retirement mate?

    Thanks for checking out the blog, I stopped posting for a couple of months but getting back into it again now. It’s just somewhere to record interesting things I come accross really.

    I’m so much more relaxed and laid back than I was when I was working with the NHS, I was so argumentative back then, always wanted to have something to debate about. Anyway I don’t watch the news or any of that rubbish any more so a lot less for me to be getting frustrated about.

    It’s been such a pleasure looking after our Rosie, she’s a little star, always brightens up the day. She’s 3 next month mate, time flys eh. You see much of Lou?

    P.S. Stilll got the bird box cam going?


    • Yeah your right, leaving a job and retiring especially is gonna be more relaxing. Guess I’ve matured a bit as well since having Rosie come along lol

      i love your birdcam mate, just seen a few different things breeder, class. Make sure you link the birdcam to your blog mate 🙂

      Stay safe mate and if you like drop me an email (andy_towell@yahoo.com) with your phone number in and if I’m ere up your way I’ll pop in see you.


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