Britain in Europe – A Referendum


As the date for the European referendum in the UK draws ever closer, I get more and more agitated and the need to express my opinion gets stronger. I have been very lazy at posting any thoughts or pictures on my blog and it is only at times like this that I really feel the need.

I have tried, but Twitter and Facebook are just not enough to properly express thoughts that are so important. It is great to watch a programme on television and be able to comment,  albeit briefly, on the social media sites, but one is never given enough web space to properly express one’s feelings. OK, so here we go with Brandybutter’s thoughts on #Brexit.

We need to break free from a European bureaucracy that is going down the tubes. Economic forecasters are just that – fortune tellers and they are only interested in their own economic well-being. Forget the economics; the stock market, the economy and the Pound, will go up and down whether or not we are in the EU. What is more important is to regain our freedom, to be able to decide our own future, without unelected European bureaucrats trying to drag the UK into a United Europe. Make no mistake, that is the ultimate aim. There is no manifesto, no spoken target, but that is the ultimate pinnacle of European Union, a United Europe in which no one country can have any real influence. A haven for the unelected, a wasteful bureaucracy that spends all it’s time on making ever encompassing rules and regulations. This referendum is your only chance to establish our independence.

The UK is one of the oldest, most respected states in the world and should not allow itself to become embroiled in a failing union of European countries. I am old enough to have voted in the last referendum, in 1975, to remain in the EEC. (We were not given the choice to join.)  I did not vote to join a United Europe. At that time just over 67% of voters supported the Labour government’s campaign to stay in the EEC, or Common Market. We were not voting for a European Union. That is what has been forgotten.

Britain joined the European Economic Community in 1973 and hence the EU in the 1990s. But Britain never fully accepted the legitimacy of European control over British institutions in a way that other EU members did. It refused, for example, to join either the Schengen Area, which eliminates internal border controls, or the common currency. In the same way, you should refrain from further integration with Europe by voting Leave.

For a professional, informed opinion, I recommend The Spectator article which provides a very succinct view.

In February, the Prime Minister in a formal document, has claimed that he secured a new settlement to give the United Kingdom  a special status within the European Union, as well as setting the EU as a whole on a path of long-term reform. He claims that this settlement makes the EU work much better for the UK but there are still many ways in which it needs to improve. He says that the task of reforming the EU does not end with this agreement. What he does not say is that his agreement, is a proposal and  may not be formally approved in all respects. The agreement states – “The European Council agreed that, should the result of the referendum be a vote that the UK should leave the EU, the new settlement for the UK will cease to exist.” So he has not obtained any binding reform to Europe.  “The UK is stronger, safer and better off in a reformed EU.” The problem is that he has not reformed the EU.

The Prime Minister says Turkey will not join the EU for decades, but he does not have a crystal ball and it may only be 5 years or less before Turkish citizens will have the right to flood the UK. They are not interested in staying in France or Greece, they want the best – the UK. Do not allow them to overcrowd our small country that already has one of the highest population densities in Europe.

Germany is now realising that Angela Merkel set her country on the road to ruin with her invitation for an unlimited number of political refugees to stay in Germany. It was her invitation that sparked the worst influx of mass immigration to affluent Europe since the Second World War. How many lives were lost as a result of her rash words? How many Germans are now regretting the social problems overwhelming some of their cities?

Do not forget, Turkey is only one of many poor countries on the edge of Europe that will willingly sell their economy to Europe in order to take advantage of the wealth that they have not been able to generate on their own. Remember well that Greece took such advantage of it’s inclusion that it very nearly brought down the whole European economy. It was not a poor country before it joined the EU, but it took everything it could, allowed workers to retire early on silly pensions and failed to tax properly and subsequently caused the near breakdown of the European economy. The economic problems of Greece in Europe are still not resolved. So much for stronger in Europe!

Do not listen to all the politicians and business leaders who advocate remaining in Europe. They all have only one aim in life – to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible from you and me. They do not have any interest in the freedom of the individual or the freedom of nation states. They are money orientated, already rich and interested only in making more money. Listen to the chancellor’s rhetoric, the Prime Minister’s urging, they want only to make more money. Never forget, in every country around the world, politicians are rich. The USA is proud to announce that anyone can become President, but the truth is that there has never been a poor President.

My overwhelming thoughts concern our need to retain our independence and not to drown in the unelected morass of greed and waste that engulfs the gravy train of Brussels bureaucracy. The Prime Minister has exhorted us to remain in Europe on the basis that we are stronger in, that this “will be a once-in-a-generation moment to shape the future of our country. Whatever the British people decide, I will make it work to the best of my abilities.”  Who is he kidding?  He has not reformed Europe and Europe will not allow Britain to shape the future. He will not remain Prime Minister if Britain votes to leave. No wonder he wants us to remain!

Your chance to vote is this week. There is no more time. The future of Britain is in the hands of the British electorate for once and the politicians and the business leaders will have to wait on British common sense. The economy, your affluence and the value of the pound will continue to rise and fall, irrespective of whether we remain in or leave Europe.

Remember, you will not get the chance to reclaim Britain’s independence ever again. Once you relinquish our sovereignty, it will be gone forever. You will have voted for the European Superstate. No one mentions it but rest assured that is the ultimate dream of  the unelected Brussels bureaucrats. The bigger their empire, the bigger their salaries. The Prime Minister has proved that the UK cannot, in substance, reform Europe.


I will be voting Leave the European Union and I hope the majority will also seek a better future for the UK free from interference from Europe.


Comments appreciated

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