Feeling guilty

Robin sheltering 13022016

Master Robin

My stats tell me that it is 9 months since I last posted and I feel guilty that I have links to this blog on other sites and if anyone looks, there is no apparent action. Time just seems to pass so quickly. There is plenty of spare time in the day but there always seems to be something else to do, or I am just plain lazy more like!

So, what I would like to do now, is to post a few photos that show Boro Garden as I see it at the moment, but how I am going to pick from the hundreds I have taken is another reason why I should post more often.

One of the highlights recently was spotting first one bullfinch in the garden :-

Bullfinch 10042016

Then a few days later she re-appeared with a mate –

I don’t see these very often and am hoping for a repeat visit.

The feeders have been busy all winter but since spring? (supposedly) started, the birds seem to have become much more territorial and I see a constant flurry of wings as each species chases off anything smaller. The blackbirds are the funniest constantly playing tag through and over the flower beds up onto the fence and back through the trees. I need a video of that. The female looks so placid –

Blackbird female 31012016

I get a decent variety of birds as some go and others re-appear –

Coal tit, long tailed tit (a favourite) goldfinch and nuthatch.

Outside the garden recently, on a walk up to NT Ormesby Hall I spotted a well camouflaged tree creeper –

Back in the garden this slow Spring, which has been wet and cold has meant that some of the daffodils that I planted in the autumn are still flowering –

The temperature has hardly risen above 10 C since January. The constant showers have battered these primroses and primulas which were recently purchased from a garden centre, and looked very pretty when planted –

The basket of winter pansies seems less bothered by the rain and has also developed over the last week or so –

Ok, that’s enough for now, although the blackbird has been learning some new tricks –

Blackbird new tricks

That pine cone is a good two feet off the ground and she gets a mouthful of suet each time. I hope this shows how tiny the long tailed tits are –

Long tailed tit

Before closing, I have to add that a pair of blue tits have built a nest in the camera box and the female is sleeping there each night. We await further developments with anticipation. You can always check in on the birds  at Boro Garden which broadcasts most days.

Thanks for looking in, I have missed you all and hope you have enjoyed this little catch-up.


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