Spring term report

The year has progressed further, as you would expect. Despite a sense that nothing is moving and the grey days of winter are everlasting, there has been an inexorable creep towards lighter days and warmer temperatures. The other day I actually went out for a walk without a hat! A new season deserves a new header photo – Roseberry Topping in the Spring.

In Boro Garden (http://www.mycampage.com/borogarden) some colour is emerging and things are growing.There is one bunch of real daffodils down under the willow tree and a drift of ‘tete a tete’ mini daffodils around the bird table. They are out in bloom.

One bunch of Mini daffodils

One bunch of Mini daffodils

Apart from that the soil is parting, in various places, under the thrust of green shoots, some where I was expecting to see them and some that have surprised me. That’s the trouble, you see, I planted new bulbs, last autumn and of course I have forgotten now where some of them went.

I know where most of the alliums are but have no idea where the fritllaria went. The tulips appear to be coming up where expected. I don’t know what this one above left is, I will have to wait and see.

It has been uplifting to see a song thrush return to the garden

Today, I was surprised to see a sparrow, the first for a long time. I have had dunnocks, but no sparrows –

The real problem birds at the moment are the town pigeons that have realised what rich pickings are up for grabs at Boro Garden.

There appears to be a pair of them, most of the time, until they bring some mates along for backup. Some days I spend hours in and out of the door chasing them off. They retire, just out of reach on the roof, wait till I give up and go indoors and they are back down again, laughing all over their fat chops.

The starlings are only a problem when they appear en masse. Mostly it is just one or two that raid the robin mix on the bird table and the mealworms in a hanging feeder. I have shut up the hanging feeder so the gap is what I thought would fit the blue tits, but no, the starling manages to crawl inside as well. The odd starling is not a nuisance –


Starling on Bird table

But when the flock arrives, all hell lets loose and I would not advise putting your hand in!

Too quick for me, I’m afraid. The greenfinches were behaving and even allowed the goldfinch to play…

The garden has been adopted by a pair of robins, but so far I have not been able to get them both in one shot.

They spend a lot of time living upto their reputation chasing off other small birds such as the dunnock.

That concludes the Spring Term report, except for taking the opportunity of recording the only glimpses I had of yesterday’s eclipse of the sun.

Taken only a few minutes apart close to the maximum cover and just before the sun disappeared altogether behind the ever thickening cloud. Oh well, without the cloud, I wouldn’t have got any pictures.

Thanks for looking in.


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