Boro Garden Birds


Finches convention

The year is progressing, the weeks are passing very quickly and although we are still in winter, spring is getting closer. I have been busy taking photographs and not getting out much as I should. The cold does not agree with me. Never mind beyond the bird table, through the kitchen window, more like.

So, here is a selection of the birds that visit the bird table in Boro garden. Firstly, the blackcap who is still putting in an appearance most days.

I always assumed that I had only one blackcap visiting, but seeing these photos together makes me wonder if there are two. Of course it could just be different light levels.

Next a trio of goldfinches –

I think my favourite bird in the garden is the robin. There are two of them about but I have not managed to capture both together.

The dominant birds at the moment (apart from the occasional visits by a marauding gang of starlings) are the greenfinches who hog the feeders and will chase off any one else who dares approach.

With all the arguing going on, it was a greenfinch that provided my first flying bird.


Feuding finches

Ok, it’s not a very good photo but he did pose well 😉

The most common visitors to the garden are blue tits accompanied by great and coal tits. The problem is they tend to flit about without staying in any one place for more than a few seconds so by the time I have lined up on them, they have turned away or flown away! So here is a coal tit and a blue tit, but I have no great tit to show.

Chaffinches are normally around when the greenfinches arrive and here is a couple of them.

The greenfinches chase them off the feeders, so they normally have to resort to pecking around on the ground.

I will keep practising with the camera but that’s it for now. Thanks for looking in and don’t forget to check the Bird Table tab for live updates from the garden.


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