RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch Count

Blue tit

Blue tit feeding

Earlier today I posted some photographs of some of the birds in my garden in relation to the Big Garden Birdwatch in which I participated yesterday. The purpose of the exercise was to count the birds and species that visit your garden over a period of an hour and upload the results to the RSPB website.

Here are the results I posted:-

  • Blackbird x 2
  • Blue tit x 3
  • Chaffinch x 1
  • Coal tit x 2
  • Dunnock x 1
  • Feral pigeon x 2
  • Great tit x 2
  • Magpie x 1
  • Robin x 2
  • Wren x1
  • Blackcap x 1
  • Grey squirrel seen weekly
  • Hedgehog seen less than monthly
  • Slow worm seen never
  • Grass snake seen never

As in previous years, the number of birds visiting the garden over the weekend seemed to be less than the number on a normal day. I think there are so many people suddenly feeding the birds that they are spoilt for choice. Apparently, last year about half a million people took part in the survey and this gives the conservationists a broad picture of the progress or decline of different bird species.

It was a good excuse for a spiced apple and cream muffin with a cup of tea anyway 🙂


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