Yes! It is happening again.

Despite the snow showers that we have had today and I know that the worst of winter is still to come, there is evidence that once again Spring will happen this year. I was out in the garden this weekend and noticed the tough green shoots of spring plants breaking through the cold bare earth. I just wanted to record some of the little wonders and perhaps keep track of their progress. So, most of the shots are not very pretty but I find that their appearance in the depth of winter is worthy of comment.

The alliums are a new planting. I was impressed enough by some on one of my visits last year to formal gardens, that I decided I had to try some in my little garden. I am sure the adjacent picture is of daffodils because I moved them last year.

The star of the show is actually in bloom and is always a welcome sight in January.



I know it is only a little bunch of snowdrops, but they have been there for a few years now and I have no idea how they got there. I cannot remember ever planting snowdrops. In fact I never used to plant bulbs before, despite vowing every spring to do so. I took half a dozen pictures of them and only this one was worth showing. I used to think it was an easy task to take photographs of stationary objects, I am beginning to find that is not the case, especially when they are down there on the ground and it is wet and cold!

So, I know it’s not very much of a post, but I have been encouraged to persevere. I can’t wait for the alliums to develop although I think I may have a few months to go.

The birds in the garden were a bit sparse today and when they did visit, their appearance was brief and twitchy. The best I could capture was this green finch on the sunflower seeds. They do hang around a bit and will chase off other pretenders for the feeder. I did get some pictures of chaffinches, but none were good enough. They will turn the other way just as you squeeze the button 🙂


Greenfinch on feeder

Thats it for now. Hope you enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Yes! It is happening again.

  1. Nice photos 🙂 It’s exciting seeing new shoots come up. I’ve got daffodils and crocus coming up, and will hopefully have some snakes head fritillary and bluebells later. I only started using bulbs last year and I’m always worried I’ll forget where they are and accidentally disturb them.


  2. Thank you for the reminder that there will be another spring, and that it isn’t far off any longer!

    There are times when I think that the birds know exactly what’s going on as we try to photograph them, and make it as difficult as they can for us. 😉


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