More Garden Visitors

It is a bright start this morning in Boro garden where the temperature last night dropped to around freezing. I have fed the birds, although they don’t seem particularly interested and set a camera running on the bird table. Before I go for the paper, a Saturday morning ritual, I thought I had better get this post published.

Last night I put together a few more pictures of visitors to Boro garden, taken since the New Year with my new camera. This greater spotted woodpecker paid a visit on two days running. The first was late in the afternoon in poor light. Each time he feasted on the peanuts long enough for me to get a few shots and I am quite pleased with the picture from the second visit. I still need to practice an awful lot because despite taking a lot of pictures, only a few are worthy of showing to anyone.

Two collared doves turned up one day and I managed to catch this one in the apple tree but couldn’t place both in the frame at once.

Collared Dove

Collared dove

This squirrel is normally a nuisance in the garden, but on this day he did look cute with his big bushy tail.

Grey squirrel

Squirrel on the sunflower seeds

To finish, on the bird table is one of the smaller visitors, a great tit who seems to be looking for a particular seed on the table. I get a number of great tits, blue tits and coal tits visiting, but find them particularly difficult to catch in a full pose because they dart about so quickly.

Great Tit

Great tit on bird table

Just another brief post to ease my way back. Hope you enjoy.


5 thoughts on “More Garden Visitors

    • Thanks again for your continued interest. It always seems to me that many of your birds are more brightly coloured than ours. I am having fun with the camera – deleting as many as I keep haha. All I need now is for the birds to keep coming into the garden. They have a habit of disappearing in late January.


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