Garden visitor

In an attempt to bypass blogger’s block and get going again here is a short post showing an unusual visitor to Boro Garden.

Jay in the garden

Jay in the garden

He (or she) has visited the garden before but never stayed long enough for me to pick up the camera and get a picture. It is also very shy and disappears at the slightest sign of movement from me.



It is a Jay which is a colourful crow that is about the same size as a Jackdaw. They are not uncommon, but I don’t often see them in the garden. For information, (from British Garden Birds), they are mostly a pinkish brown, the underparts being slightly paler. The head has a black and white flecked crown, black moustache and white throat. The white rump contrasts starkly with the black tail. The iris of the eye is a pale blue, the bill is black and the legs are pink-brown. The wings are mostly black with white patches but also have striking blue patches, but close to these wing patches are actually bands of graduated shades of blue.

Jay feeding

Jay feeding

It was feeding on the fatballs, which required a fair bit of acrobatics, but it’s strong bill soon got a purchase. It hung around for a while but I eventually gave myself away and it was gone. These pictures were taken with my new camera and I am quite pleased with the result. They are shot through the kitchen window so I do use Photoshop (Elements) to try and remove any reflections from the glass.

Hope you enjoy.


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