Scotland Decides the Fate of the UK

UK as flag

This is the last day before the Scottish referendum and I feel compelled to make one last personal statement.

There are 4.2 million voters registered to take part in the referendum on Scottish independence. There are approximately 42 million voters in the remaining areas of the United Kingdom.
If the people living in Scotland vote Yes they will have effectively brought about the end of the United Kingdom. Never mind what happens to Scotland, a Yes vote will affect 10 times as many people outside Scotland. There is something very wrong in that. Judging by the panic and despair in David Cameron’s voice over the last few days, he has finally realised the damage he has done to the United Kingdom by signing the Edinburgh Agreement. If the vote is Yes he will be forever known as the Prime Minister who allowed the breakdown of the United Kingdom and would have to resign in shame. No wonder he is worried.

A Yes vote will affect the rest of the UK, most obviously, the physical size of the country itself.  Without Scottish MPs the size and political make-up of Parliament will change. Sterling is up and down with the changing forecasts. How will our standing within the UN, NATO and the EU be affected? Will we be regarded as the Dis-United Kingdom?

Time to Decide

Time to Decide

I cant blame the Scots if they did vote Yes, after all Alex Salmond is promising a stellar future free of interference from Westminster. He may have overlooked to tell you that Brussels has an even greater reputation for interference as he glibly assumes that Scotland will be welcomed into the embrace of the European Union. He has given the vote to young school children in Scotland and appears to dismiss the possibility that they may leave Scotland as the reality of independence takes hold.  There is no point in listing the possible disasters facing an independent Scotland because those supporting the No vote have been there and done that and those supporting the Yes vote have chosen to extol Utopia. Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon appear to gloss over any difficulties put to them by the media.

Politicians? Bah humbug!

The only saving grace is that the decision is still too close to call and that there appears to be a considerable proportion of voters who are considering the long term advantages of Union instead of the idealistic fervour of the Nationalists. Lets hope common sense prevails and we stand united.

That’s my opinion anyway. Your comments are welcome.



The Scottish Referendum – Counting Down


It is less than ten days to go before the people who live in Scotland vote Yes or No to the question – “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

To clarify my mind in relation to this situation, I found it necessary to set out a few facts.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is an independent country.

Great Britain is the name of the island made up of England, Wales and Scotland.

England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are not independent countries but the United Kingdom is. The Union Jack also known as the Union Flag, is the national flag of the United Kingdom.

Union Jack flag

The closer we get to this referendum, the more nervous I get when I hear on the television and in the newspapers that we are getting closer to a possible change in the make-up of the U.K. It appears that opinion is moving closer to a decision in favour of an independent Scotland.

So, the Scots get their chance to vote on whether to leave the United Kingdom. When do we, the rest of the United Kingdom, get our chance to vote on whether we agree with the breakup of the Union?

Has a minority been given the right to vote on a constitutional matter that affects the majority? Why did anyone think that an independent Scotland would affect only the Scots?

May we presume that if the Scots do vote to become an independent country, then we will then be given the chance to vote on whether we agree with their decision to proceed with the breakup of the United Kingdom. It is not just a case of Scotland becoming independent, is it?

Have I missed something in all the rhetoric leading up to this momentous event? Is there some procedure lined up to enable the majority to express their opinion on this matter if Scotland does vote for a change? Did someone forget to put the second stage in the process?

If not, why was it arranged that only the Scots should have the chance to decide the future of the United Kingdom? For surely that is what the vote is about? It is not just about Scotland. If they become independent, then we will no longer be the United Kingdom. How come the people of the United Kingdom don’t get a say in the breakup of our country, the United Kingdom? If it is not important to the rest of the U.K. why is the Prime Minister, his coalition assistant and the leader of the Opposition all spending so much time and effort in trying to persuade the Scottish voters to vote NO.

Hadrians Wall

A return to border control?

In addition, I don’t understand how Scotland can suddenly become an independent country when it is not a country now. It is is an internal division of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, just like England and Wales and Northern Ireland. How do you suddenly announce that oh, by the way, we are an independent country now. Can we please join the UN, NATO, the Commonwealth and the EU? And oh, by the way, can we keep Her Majesty the Queen and the English Pound.?

Hey! I’m no politician, expert, councillor or business man with vested interests, I’m no guru, just an ordinary citizen. I disagree wholeheartedly with the idea of Scottish independence because I believe in the old adage “United we stand, Divided we Fall”. I believe in democracy and the right of the majority. Giving a few people the ability to break up a union after 300 years does not seem right or fair. I can’t influence the vote but hope that everyone in England, Wales and Northern Ireland would prefer to see and remain in a United Kingdom.

A United Kingdom

A United Kingdom

There you go I’ve said it now. If you have got this far, thank you for your time.

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