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I have been at this new project – writing a blog – for just over a week now. It’s not that easy, is it, sitting down to write that daily post? I have missed a couple of days now. The big problem at the moment is that by the time I have read some of the posts of the day, looked at the ones I follow and browsed a few of the photography blogs, an hour or so has passed and as I tend to start writing in the evening, I am starting to get tired. Have you sat there and then suddenly noticed that your head has dropped to your chest and your eyelids are closing as you slip into that hypnotic state before falling asleep and then you jerk your head up with a start as if the teacher has just called your name?

I wrote a brilliant blog last night, in the middle of the night, after I woke up and then couldn’t get back to sleep. The trouble is I didn’t get out of bed and turn the computer on, so the wonderful words were only in my head and by the time I got up in the morning the ideas on the page were fading rapidly from memory and the convoluted thread had dissolved. I am forgetting that I am retired now and if I want to get up in the middle of the night and start writing I can do so as there is no need to get up and go to work when the alarm goes off. I will have to try it one night, he said, laughing out loud.

Today is World Aids Day

Remembering those lost and those living with AIDS

World Aids Day

and seems to sneak up on me without notice. I always try to let my thoughts flow  through the memories of friends I have lost and rejoice in knowing that those who are still living with Aids have survived and will continue to do so now thanks to the advances in medication.

And today is also Sunday, I had to get out of the house this morning and get the Sunday paper along with my bit of exercise for the day. My walk took me along the boundary of the National Trust woodland surrounding Ormesby Hall

Ormesby Hall National Trust

Ormesby Hall National Trust

and they have now got up the notices advertising that fresh Christmas trees are available for sale at the Hall. The first of December (I did remember to say rabbit rabbit rabbit this morning) seems to herald the beginning of the consumer season and reminds me that this year I have no excuse for not writing Christmas cards in time. I will do it, in the next few days, I promise! The walk only took me through 3765 steps though and that is not really enough, but is still better than nothing.

My garden today was particularly short of bird visitors and the seed on the bird table was mostly consumed by the local squirrel.

Squirrels eat bird seed?

Squirrels eat bird seed?

who has a poorly tail, so I leave him alone, and the big fat wood-pigeon that sits up in the tall ash tree a couple of gardens away and watches for me to put out the feed. He is capable of hoovering up the entire spread of feed in a few concentrated minutes and will return time and again even if I chase him off.

OK that’s the first of December on it’s way and a post in the making. I hope it meets some kind of standard or degree of interest. In light of the day I hope this picture from earlier this year is appropriate.

Boro Garden Rainbow

Boro Garden Rainbow


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