Lean Pickings

While feeding the birds this morning, I thought the garden was looking more and more bare as the days pass. Leaves litter the ground and the houses across the little beck at the bottom of the garden are re-appearing through the leafless branches of the trees after being hidden all summer.I looked round and thought, not much here to inspire a picture and then I spotted this large fungus down on the ground growing from an old woody shrub. It looked like someone had tried a mouthful to taste it and then spat it out on the path!

Mouthful of fungus

Mouthful of fungus

Then looking further I found there is still some colour in the garden as I hope these shots show –

Solitary ostespermum

Solitary osteospermum

They have obviously forgotten that summer is over along with this sprig of mini pot mums –

Late pot mums

Late pot mums

and this pretty fuchsia is still flowering profusely and producing prodigious seed pods


Purple pod

Purple pod


Flying fuschia

Flying fuschia









And I couldn’t resist this plate of berries all ready for the first blackbird that can work out how to reach them –

Blackbird feast

Potential Blackbird feast

Today’s my garden and other animals picture (drum roll please) is the bird table raider in sneaky action –

Look Mum, no safety net!

Look Mum, no safety net!

Lean pickings indeed.



Comments appreciated

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