Church Lane

My last post showed an unknown  tree with great autumn colour and I thought I should find out a bit more about it as for me it was uncommon. Having searched through various catalogues online I reckon it is a member of the Sorbus family, probably Sorbus glabrescens (White-fruited Rowan). It seems to fit the descriptions – a small to medium-sized deciduous tree growing to 8–15 m tall with a rounded crown. A number of small leaves on a stem which change to orange or red in late autumn. The fruit is white, maturing in late autumn; the fruit stalks are distinctively red and the fruit commonly persist long into the winter after leaf fall;

Right, we think we now know what it is and the sun is now out in a winter blue sky; the tree should be catching the sun. Time to try out my new camera tripod on a short expedition. Walking with a camera tripod? Oh my, I hope people don’t think I’m a professional photographer! I cut through the National Trust woods skirting Ormesby Hall to come out on the avenue leading up to the Hall. Almost immediately, I thought here is where I step over the line and become a tripod user : –

Yellow blaze

Yellow blaze

A yellow blaze outstanding against the hazy blue of an autumn sky; bare stark trees on either side.

This wasn’t the tree I had come to see though, so I pressed on past the stable block that houses the Cleveland Police horses, past the back of the Hall and down round the church which eventually appeared through the surrounding trees :-

St Cuthbert's Ormesby

St Cuthbert’s Ormesby

Pressing on to Church Lane and up past the vicarage my tree appeared where the lane becomes a footpath over the Parkway dual carriageway. The incessant drone of high-speed traffic left me in no doubt, although the road is invisible at that point as it runs in a cutting to pass under the road that forms Ormesby Bank.

I was pleased with my new purchase as the tripod is light and easy to put up and having picked a spot was soon lined up on my target which was sitting in sunlight as I hoped :-

White Berried Rowan

White Berried Rowan

So I hope that this picture is better than the one in my earlier post, which was taken on my smaller lighter camera. My tree has masses of little white berries among the brightly coloured leaves.

Detail  White Berried Rowan

Detail White Berried Rowan

Well, I hope after this, that it is a white berried rowan. Should you know otherwise, please feel free to comment – perhaps my first comment?

Of course, this expedition has also added to my step count which today has totalled 4559.


Comments appreciated

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