Late colour

Nothing much to report today  – Saturday morning means a walk to the High Street for a paper. It was fairly cold so having made the purchase, I didn’t hang around and headed up Church Lane at a brisk pace. Most of the leaves have now fallen and the way was strewn with a multi coloured carpet. The highlight of the walk was this fine tree with a mass of white berries and still with its wonderfully coloured leaves. I must do some research and find out what type of tree it is.


I will try and get a better picture soon if I can catch it with some sun and before it loses it’s colour.

Returning down Ormesby Bank to the High Street completed my walk and I quickly scooted through the footpath to my bungalow for a hot cup of tea with toast and marmalade. Practice for the final Formula 1 race of the season from Brazil was enough to occupy me until the inevitable trip to the supermarket for the weekly shop. Walking up and down the aisles there was enough to put my daily total to 5639 steps 4.3 Km today.


Comments appreciated

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