This will be a short post because I have spent all day on boring maintenance work on the bungalow and have not been able to take any photographs or get out for a walk.

Following the recent heavy rain, I knew there was a leak somewhere on the roof.  I was not surprised because the roof must be at least 70 years old and I have thought about getting it re-tiled, it does need it. I knew roughly where the leak was and from the top of the ladder I was able to see one cracked tile. I searched the garage to no avail for a replacement, but was lucky enough to find one down the garden amongst a stack of old bricks and hallelujah it was complete. It didn’t take long to replace the broken tile.

However, I wasn’t happy that the tile I had replaced was the main problem because it was too close to the edge of the roof. After more searching I thought I could see another suspect tile so crawled into the roof space to have a look from inside. As there is a dormer extension in the roof, access is very limited and it was not an easy job to get close to the suspect area. Eventually and after poking through the old and deteriorating roof felt I could confirm that there was a cracked tile right under the heavy ridge tiles. This would not be easy to replace as the ridge tiles had only been re-set last year. The tile was wedged firmly in place, so  I have filled the crack with exterior filler and will just have to hope for the best. The next bout of rain will no doubt soon be here and we shall then see!

Today’s picture is not a bird but another frequent visitor to the bird table –

Squirrel feeding

Squirrel feeding


Comments appreciated

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