Caught in the rain

Having spent all morning indoors, while the sun was shining, I thought it was time for a brisk walk to try and burn off a few calories. As the temperature has really dropped now to below 10 degrees I put on a heavy coat and a hat for the first time this autumn.

The walk up Church Lane was fine.  The trees have now dropped most of their leaves following last night’s wind and heavy rain and I was walking on a multicoloured carpet, although somewhat soggy in places. Past St Cuthberts church the leaves were thick on the ground and I carried on over the footbridge crossing the fast dual carriageway. Instead of turning left and heading down the hill, I thought I should carry on uphill to extend my exercise period. This brought me out a fair way up Ormesby Bank with good views down to the transporter bridge in the far distance.

The transporter bridge

The transporter bridge

So I turned left onto Ormesby Bank to begin the descent to home and of course hadn’t gone 50 yards before the the clouds thickened. There was nothing else to do but carry on and get caught in the rain. I was glad I had put a hat on but I was soon getting wet legs. Stopping for nothing and at least it was downhill, I soon arrived home. 4744 steps, 3.6 kilometres and a few calories burned off. At least I had got my daily exercise.

As I said yesterday, I try to encourage wild birds to visit my garden and hope to post at least one daily picture of a bird or the garden. Today’s photo is a blackbird giving a rather disdainful look as its my fault that most of the red berries have now been eaten.

Where have the berries gone?

Where have the berries gone?


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