In the beginning

This is my first post on my first blog so I will keep it short as I cant wait to see the result in print.

Having just retired from full time work, this would appear to be an appropriate time to try a blog; especially in view of the forthcoming winter and my dislike of cold weather. A legitimate reason to sit in front of the computer, avoid the housework and express my views on whatever subject that provokes my choler.

I try to maintain a stocked bird table in the garden and like to broadcast live pictures of the resultant visitors over the internet. I hope this will result in some photos to blog as well.

My goodness, I have just heard that Hull has been named the UK’s next City of Culture. Apparently the UK government chooses a new destination every four years, with the aim of helping tourism and the economy. Hull council leader Stephen Brady said – “It will give Hull a platform to tell the world what this great city has to offer, transform perceptions and accelerate our journey to make Hull a prime visitor destination.” I wonder why it has never been on my list of holiday destinations before?Image





Comments appreciated

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